Clinic Tour

Slideshow: Virtual Tour


Early morning at the clinic. Looks so peaceful.

Reception Area

When you come into our reception area our front desk people are waiting to greet you.

The real boss, Nitro

If the front desk people are too busy, Nitro is always there to lend a paw.

Pet Supplies

We try to carry some pet retail items for the convenience of our clients. If you need something and you don't see it here, please ask at the front desk. Sometimes we can order special items for you.

Pet Foods

We carry both regular pet foods and prescription foods.


We have in house digital X-Ray ability for speed in making a diagnosis.

Exam Room

Our exam rooms are bright and clean. Each room has a computer for checking your pets history or reviewing x-rays.

Exam Room

This is another one of our four exam rooms.

Surgery Suite

During surgery your pet is monitored and every care is taken for a safe and successful surgery.

Lab Area

Treatment Area

In this area we do dental cleanings and other treatments.

Treatment Area

This is another work station in the treatment area.

Watching You

If you feel someone is watching you while touring Country Animal Hospital, look around you, he is closer than you think.